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May 28, 2007 · Posted in Indian Celebrities 
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Payal RohatgiPayal Rohatgi is one of the most popular upcoming Bollywood Actresses. With her boldness on screen and massive oomph factor, she has already gained many fans and people who appreciate her work. How can anyone ignore her performance in movies Fun & Laila. People like sizzling browines but nothing can sizzle better than Payal.
Payal Rohatgi can’t drive her car. She says that “I have learnt driving but never execute it”. I lost my 2 of my mamaji to road accidents and my mom does not prefer I drive. If the driver does not come I will take an auto.. in fact during the shooting of DHOL sir had to use double for my car driving scenes… And I unfortunately get drivers who give me stress, have to keep changing them every 2 months.

On her recent trip to Delhi for a show Payal was seen singing on various television channels the lyrics of her song in her upcoming film DHOL,,- halka halka sa, mitha mitha sa, kaisa dard hai ye, thoda thoda sa jaaga jaaga sa kiske liye, dil diya dil diya re, dil diya dil diya re, dil mera le liya re, dil mera le liya re J Payal is not even into professional training of classical singing so this came as a pleasant surprise to all… Looks like the lady is working on herself seriously.

Payal Rohatgi’s acting was never an issue as the lady had earlier carried off films on her shoulders. And films like 36 China town and Corporate which got her back into the A plus cinema were proof’s of her acting talent. So what is different in DHOL for Payal’s career… sources say apart from her role which is great her look is so much fresh, young and lovely that this film will definitely put her in a different category all together.. And Priyan sir has a magic touch to all his films. Hope the lady has new beginnings post DHOL release.

Payal Rohatgi is back in mood for more work, shows and good films. She says I am feeling refreshed after the visit of my mom and nani during the summers. They pampered me enough to last me some time :) but on a serious note when I see the simplicity in my family I realize how more important it is for me to work right in my career and do the right films. And 2007 seems like my year as it adds up to 9 my birthday date which is 9th November. Not being superstitious, just POSITIVE :)

If 36 China town had Payal Rohatgi paired opposite Paresh Rawalji in DHOL she is on screen paired opposite Arbaaz Khan. She feels that her decision of 36 was based on the fact that it was a thriller, it was being one part of ensemble big starcast as everyone else was along with a stepping back into A Grade. But with DHOL even though again we have an ensemble starcast this time a lot my age but in spite of that I was particular about my onscreen hero pairing.

PAYAL ROHATGI is a COMPUTER ENGINEER by degree.. so now she is using her degree to further her career in FILMS. Apparently the lady realized that internet has a massive influence over her filmmakers and fans.. And this transition is obviously not easy..) she has designed her own space on MSN with URL which only she has access too and she writes about her life personally whenever she gets time for her fans to see how she is working on building up her brand as a A grade actress…

Payal says ‘ I was quite upset with the kind of pictures present on net and its difficult convincing every web owner about changes as internet is a free space. But it surely does affect my image so i along with my brother created my own PHOTOGALLERY and PRESS CLIPPINGS of my transition and work updates. Both of these are present on my BLOG..My request to all is please do visit it and do comment as your criticism as well as advice will help me go further in my Bollywood career.’

Her reasons for choosing her next Bollywood film role is solely the hero who will be paired opposite as she wants to play a typical heroine after being obviously acknowledged by reputed filmmakers of her acting talent. Am young so why stress.. Enjoy the journey till you know in your mind how you wanna take your career. And I thank all my earlier experience for this as experience is the biggest teacher.

So if you are a Payal Rohatgi fan, then there is lot more coming your way ;) Hold On!

Payal Rohatgi is getting into humming music these days. Ask her what she says no as she thinks her voice is not so good. But we know that the lyrics of her solo song in her first release of this year DHOL halka halka sa, mitha mitha sa, kaisa dard hai ye, thoda thoda sa jaaga jaaga sa kiske liye, dil diya dil diya re, dil diya dil diya re, dil mera le liya re. Its not such a dancing number as my director had a particular viosion of my character as a cabaret singer but its beautifully shot. And I hope it builds up with my fans as it is very dear to me .Story angle: Payal Rohatgi was eagerly waiting for the dubbing of her first release for this year- DHOL. Her dates of 6 days had been blocked by the production house. But Payal had kept one request of morning slot for dub schedule as she knows voice is better at that time… Well the production house was not getting any slot and Payal’s dubbing dates got wasted. Payal was hyper as for all her films she has dubbed and was very keen to see the film. She instructed her manager that to take any slot available as she wanted to finish the work. So as luck would have it the production house got a 10am slot at empire studio’s … And by Gods grace Payal finished her entire dub for the film in 1 hour. Well it was quite shocking for her too but the sound recordist found the voice perfect. Have earlier finished my dubbing in 2 days for entire film but this was too fast for me too… One pilot line heard and a perfect take that’s what was happening in the studio… Too this Payal says I have been doing a one line riyaaz of a specific shloka for my voice every morning… maybe that’s what paid off…Payal is also disturbed with some media reports online that Payal was in Delhi to promote her film DHOL… According to her she was in Delhi for a REAL ESTATE AWARD show and then to meet her dad, but all media knowing that DHOL is her only release after 1 year could not resist but bombard her with questions of her upcoming release as we all know she has a great role in it! All Payal feels all’s well till they don’t use the caption that I came for promoting my film as I will only go by my director’s plan of promotion as he knows best. The film’s tentative release is pushed to September 21st. Percept is producing the film with Adlabs who have bought it.

Payal Rohatgi has a funny reply to anyone who quizzes her –what’s up… Her reply is “jobless”… Well that’s quite something for someone who is nearly 10 films old. All the lady says is I need a better setup than DHOL to interest me as only GOOD or VERY GOOD work matters now… So till that happens, am actually jobless or traveling for my shows.Payal seems to be told by all around her that she needs to end her 2 year “OFF GOING OUT” notion and go out casually sometimes and be normal J also because her latest film DHOL is on release soon… But as we say nothing can be preplanned with Payal as now she actually just prefers being with herself and going out only when WORK demands, one wonders if the fact of her film releasing soon be able to change her mind about that soon.

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