Puja Gupta

August 12, 2007 · Posted in Indian Celebrities 
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Puja Gupta was born on January 20, 1984. Puja Gupta is a light brown eyed Indian model. She looked awesome in the swimsuit round.

She is one of the most elegant and attractive personality with a voluptuous figure which sets her apart from other models.

Since Puja Gupta’s birth date is January 20, 1984 definitely she is a Capricorn by Zodiac Sign (Sun Sign). As per Capricornian she has to be an ambitious, modest, patient, responsible, stable, trustworthy, powerful, intellectual, perspicacious and persistent character. Capricon’s are prudent, realistic, formal, methodical, disciplined, traditional, cautious and conventional..

Puja Gupta is a recognized celebrity and has won Miss India Universe – 2007 award to authenticate her talent as a Model.

At IndianCeleb.com Puja Gupta has been chosen as a grand performer and rated as a New Indian Personality.

IndianCeleb.com rates Puja Gupta a 8/10 for her Beauty & Looks, 8/10 for her Figure & Stats and a 9/10 for her talent as a Indian model.

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Puja Gupta is also spelled as Pooja Gupta, Guptha.


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