Pakistani Actress Meera want to marry Salman Khan

Meera, the Pakistani actor who made waves with Nazar, the first Indo-Pakistani joint movie venture in 50 years followed by Kasak with Lucky Ali and Paanch Ghantey Mein Paanch Crore that was listed by The Times of India in Bollywood’s Top 10 Bold Film category of 2012, is now back in India.

But this porcelain beauty seems to be besotted by apna Sallu. Says she, “his paintings fascinate me. Admitted, he is a superstar, but I simply love him as a human being.”

Talking about Sallu’s movies, Meera says, “I would love to do a Maine Pyar Kiya 2 with Salman today. It would be so perfect.”

Asked if she wants to marry Salman, “Meera is quick to say, “if Salman proposes, I would immediately say yes!”

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