Bikini Swimwear for Women

July 1, 2010 · Posted in Beauty 

Bikini Swimwear for Women

Clothes are any woman’s passion but Bikini Swimwear is a passion of outgoing women who dare to bare and dare to dress. Swimwear range in size as per a person’s size and purpose of the swimwear, it depends on the amount of sun exposure a person wants on skin and the type of natural body tan. Swimwear is no longer restricted to a swimming pool or beach, but is a part of beauty pageants to put a woman’s body on display. Models and Sports person are often seen on magazines wearing swimwear.

There are many types of Bikini Swimwear, these are generally based on body type, region, fashion , price and requirement.

designerbikiniDesigner Bikini Swimwear – These are quite popular with the young girls as it displays character with vivid color, patterns, arts on the swimwear. These are usually most expensive type of Bikini wear.

 thongbikiniThong Bikini Swimwear – The thong bikini wear can be used as a swimwear or undergarments, Thongs are designed to cover essential body parts but usually has a thing string to tie it around. It is also used to get maximum body tan.

brazilbikiniBrazilian Bikini Swimwear – This is a counter part of the Brazilian Bikini waxing where all the pubic hair are removed and hence maximum body exposing can be made without being embarrassed about the pubic hair being visible. This is thinnest type of Swimwear and is the least cloth covering as compared to anything else.

stringbikiniString Bikini Swimwear – String Bikini Swimwear is similar to Thong Bikini swimwear but has large covering for essential body parts and to keep them covered while moving. However it is just hung around with a string knot which can lose out anytime. So you need to be very careful.

maternityMaternity Swimwear – This is designed of pregnant women and cover almost half of the body, however it is not similar to one piece swimwear. Maternity swimwear is pretty losing as compared to others.

halterbikiniHalter Bikini Swimwear – This is the most popular type of bikini swimwear as it cover most of the body parts and supports breast well. These are also popular with the magazine models and sports person.

 plussizebikiniPlus Size Bikini Swimwear – This is similar to all the other types of swimwear but come is large sizes for large woman and fat ladies which cannot fit into the traditional Bikini sizes.


Buy Swimwear Online – Not everyone is comfortable buying Binki on the run and if front of people, for them it is advisable that they purchase these products online, However be sure that you know your sizes right.

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