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June 4, 2006 · Posted in Beauty 

Party Makeup – Tips To Do Make-up
Doing the Make-up for the party tonight. Quick Party Make-Up.

The concept of parties is to have more interaction with the people you know and to meet new people, however in realty party in where you try to impress others by your talent, dressing sense and looks. Looks play an essential element in the party along with how you carry yourself, the confidence comes when you know that you have the right make up on and you are comfortable.

The first rule in to do makeup in which you are comfortable, the reason being, the makeup can be good but you might not feel comfortable and confident. In such a scenario you are more concern about your looks than people around you.

To make the skin look fresh
1) Wash the skin with semi warm water, use your favorite face wash.
2) Rub ice on your skin for 5 – 10 mins, in breaks.
3) Use cotton and wipe the face with cleansing milk.
4) Apply some lotion; make sure you don’t make the skin oily.
5) Apply foundation which best suits your skin, going by the complexion
6) Apply Shimmer powder over the foundation.

On the eyes;
1) Apply 2 – 3 coats of mascara
2) In parties you do have to do excess makeup than usually you’ll do, Recommended colors for liners are Golden, Bronze and Silver.
3) Use the liner in short strokes and with patients
4) Apply a dark shade on the lids.

Now fix your lips.
Using a lipstick helps! Shape up your lips nicely, now this has to be done with precision. Applying a color which goes with the dress you are wearing, I prefer a red or black dress in parties.

You are all set! Go party babes!

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