Foundation makeup for beauty

August 27, 2006 · Posted in Beauty 

Setting the foundation - a few guidelines

Application of foundation around the eye area must be done very carefully or else it will project a wrinkled look. Use very little foundation. While applying foundation on eye area, gently raise eyebrows and blend downwards, towards the eve lashes

  • Blend foundation thoroughly before dusting powder.
  • Foundation must always be worked in one direction.
  • Smoothen foundation, always using upward and outward movements.
  • Use foundation sparingly. Just enough to smoothen gently and not to deposit a thick layer of foundation of the skin.
  • Apply foundation carefully on hair line.
  • Medicated stick or cover up stick must be a shade lighter than your skin colour.
  • Blend foundation down the face to fade away under chin always in the direction of the tiny, facial hairs. Never neglect your throat and behind your ears.
  • Brush off excess powder downwards so that the tiny, facial hairs will not stand up.
  • Translucent powder should be dusted on with a loosely, bristled brush or a wide powder puff.

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