Size Bikini for Women

July 2, 2010 · Posted in Beauty 

Proper Size Bikini for Women

Clothing is used to cover up your body but a Bikini is to show your body’s shape, size, skin and structure. Of course Bikini is used as a swimwear but it is always much more than that. Top models and girls with striking figure and shape find it difficult to buy the right bikini. Following are some antidotes to the problem of buying a perfect bikini.

  • Bikini Body Measurements – It is vital that before the bikini shopping spree you know the right sizes, shape and definition of your body. Trying out all types of bikini is not going to help. You need to go by size and then by style.
  • Bikini Body Pre-Tan – It is vital that you pre-tan your body with artificial tan or natural tan so that when you try out the bikini there are no uneven lines and the attention is not drawn off the bikini to the uneven skin tone.
  • Bikini Body Fats – When you try bikini, it is likely that you might mismatch a size or two and brand sizes also vary on stitching, It is essential that you wear the bikini and pose to a mirror to see that fats are not pushed sideways, if so, then try a bigger size.
  • Online Bikini Purchase – It is likely that you might come across a website or ad which will push you on buying the bikini on the reasons of price, design or color. However unless you know the correct sizes on that particular brand, it is best to be avoided. A bikini won’t look attractive in a wardrobe.
  • Bikini as per Size & Shape – If you are bulky and have lot of fats, don’t try to cover it under your bikini, in fact go for a string type bikini which will make you look slimmer. If you are broad shouldered then opt for regular bikini, if not then opt for halter neck bikini.
  • Keep it Clean Bikini – Unless you have waxed and trimmed hair all over the body do not go for bikini shopping or even try it out as you will never come to know the true appearance of the bikini on you.
  • My Color Bikini – Buy a bikini which will complement your skin tone and the hair color, you can also complement it with your beach towels, see through over dress and running accessories like sunglasses, sandals etc.
  • Burn the Fat – This is a step which come months before the bikini shopping spree, it is essential you look your best when you flaunt it in front of everyone. Run good cardio exercise to burn fat all over the body.

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