Unwanted Hair Removal Cure – Hair Problem

August 29, 2006 · Posted in Beauty, Medicine 

Unwanted Hair

Permanent treatment for removing unwanted and un-seemly hair is electrolysis, but this is expensive.  Threading and waxing are also good methods.  You should visit a good beauty parlour for this.

For treatment of unwanted hair on the face or body use pumice stone with soap and water. Rub the stone gently on the arms and other required parts of the body.  You can repeat this after two or three days.  This will remove the hair and make the growth weak.

A  slow  but  permanent method to remove unwanted facial hair: Take a spoonful of gram flour (besan),  dampen it with water and then apply it to the spot.  Rub with dry but hard cloth just for a few seconds and then wash the face as usual.  Do it daily and the unwanted and embarrassing hair growth will vanish. Some women have a noticeable fuzz of hair on their lips, cheeks or chins.    Often effective in lightening such growth of hair is a regular application of lemon-juice. Whoever said hair in the armpits was sexy was probably an unwashed, somewhat smelly pervert.  The thick hair growth, dark, moist and unexposed to air, is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which decompose rapidly and give rise to dreadful body odour..- Sweat itself is not smelly, it’s the decomposing bacteria that is the culprit.  A clean armpit, soaped and washed thoroughly,  can be then powdered to absorb perspiration or deodorized.

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