Accessories required for Makeup

August 27, 2006 · Posted in Beauty 

Various Make-up Accessories

Foundation: Foundation contains a vitamin or a talc base. It helps to cover up flaws like blemishes and leave a smooth base for make-up. Foundations are of different kinds namely liquid foundation, cream foundation, pancake or solid form of foundation.

Liquid foundation is light and used for day make-up. It is applied with fingertips or a damp sponge.

Cream foundation is slightly heavier than liquid foundation. If you have a blemished skin, cream foundation can provide a good cover-up.

Pancake or solid foundation - the heaviest mask of foundation, it leaves you with a highly unnatural ‘over- made-up’ look. Unsuited for day make-up but ideal for photography and other theatrical events that employ lighting effects.

  • Blusher or rouge

Blusher comes in a wide variety of forms like liquid creams, sticks, solid cream and powder. Blusher adds a lovely glow to your face. Powder Blusher is the most ideal form.

Blusher brush

This perfect accessory is used to apply and blend your Blusher effectively.

Lip gloss

Most lip glosses are clear with an exception of a few glosses that are tinted. Lip glosses lend your lips a soft, glamorous look.

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