Mumbai Art Galleries – Bombay Gallery

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Mumbai Art Galleries – Bombay Gallery
Ador House, K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai ,
Tel :22845939 Timings : 11 am to 7 pm
Artists’ Centre claims to be the oldest art gallery in Mumbai. Before that, the place used to be the art salon of the Bombay Art Society. Artists’ Centre was started by the Progressive Artists Group that included Souza, Ara, Raza and Hussain. The gallery continues to promote young artists. It is not a commercial venture and can be booked by any artist.


Beach View, Chowpatty Seaface.
Tel: 23634523 Open: 11-7 pm
This 5-year old gallery owned by art collectors Haresh and Gigi Chaganlal deals in works by Indian masters, as well as those by India’s most acclaimed contemporary artists. It used to be a private gallery until April 1998 when it opened to the general public. Beside the famed gallery is Art Point which specializes in affordable works by up-and-coming artists, and is aimed at budding collectors.

MG Rd. Kala Ghoda
Tel: 22852457 Open: 10 am-5 pm except Monday
The former Sir Cowasji Jehangir Memorial Hall, once an impressive concert venue, now showcases a permanent art collection and visiting art shows. Nearby, at Jehangir Art Gallery, one can view contemporary works by Indian artists, then enjoy a cup of tea at Samovar garden Cafe, a popular artist hangout.

Kala Ghoda, Tel : 22038473 Timings : 1 1 am-7 pm
The Jehangir Art Gallery owes its birth to Sir Cowasji Jehongir, the
Second Baronet, who along with K. K. Hebbarand Dr. Homi Bhabha, recognised the need for a dedicated art gallery in Mumbai in 1946.
Sir Cowasji offered a grant of Rs. 2,50,000 to the government to set
up the gallery, provided the government came up with the land. A part
of the Prince of Wales Museum Compound was selected for the purpose.
The gallery has two main halls the 2700 sq. Auditorium Hall-with
180 feet of hanging wall space, and the 3700 sq. Exhibition Gallery
with 370 of hanging wall space.

NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai -21,
Tel ; 202 9483, 283 3737 / 3838 / 3939 Timings : 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (closed on Sundays and Mondays)
The Piramal Art Gallery is an initiative of the National Centre for Performing Arts at Nariman Point. The gallery functions as a part of “Centre for Photography as an Art Form”. Possibly the only gallery of its kind in India, it was set up in 1 987 with the help of a grant from the Ford Foundation and is exclusively devoted to photography. The gallery conducts seminars, lectures and photographic workshops. It also has an extensive collection of photographic books, journals, slide collection and a well-equipped in-house photo-lab.

Oberoi Shopping Arcade, Oberoi Towers, Mumbai 21,
Tel : 22324343 Timings : 10 am to 9 pm
Art Walk is not a gallery in the real sense of the term. It is a passage in the Oberoi Shopping Centre that has been converted into an art gallery. The Oberoi Hotel has an unusual arrangement with the artist who exhibits. It does not charge any money from the artist, but selects one of the exhibits for its private collection.

226, BajajBhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai-21, Tel : 22023626,
228401 12 Timings : 1 lam to 7 pm (open on Sundays)
The Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery was set up in 1980,but regular shows started only from 1985. The gallery mainly aims at promoting young artists. Students of art from various art schools and institutions are given the first preference. In fact, the monsoon months of June to August are reserved for students. From September to March, the gallery is open to all artistes. In the month of May, workshops are held on subjects that range from basic drawing and painting to miniature painting (their specialisation), ceramics, pottery, terracotta, puppetry, and mask painting.

Jehongir Art Gallery, 1st floor, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.
Tel : 22844356/ 22833640 Timings : 10 am to 9 pm
Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy started Gallery Chemouid, on the first floor of Jehangir Art Gallery in 1963. Before the gallery opened, the duo were very much a part of the contemporary art movement, their frame shop Chemould Frames being preferred by the emerging artists of that era. The framing shop began taking the form of an art gallery in a city that was short of platforms for artists to showcase their work. Since its inception, the gallery has hosted exhibitions by eminent artists like Tyeb Mehta Swaminathan, Ram Kumarand Hussain.


369, Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Fort, Mumbai, 400 OO7
Tel: 22841837 Timings : ] 0:30 am to 6:30 pm
The Pundole Art Gallery was started in 1963 by Kali Pundole. Its first show featured artists like K H Ara, Badrinarayan, and Pochkanwala. The gallery is devoted to modern Indian art, over the years, the gallery has exhibited the works of M F Hussain, Akbar Padamsee, Laxman Shreshta, Badrinarayan, and Ram Kumar. Pundole features only gallery-organised shows and is not rented out.

The Art Galfery of the Nehru Centre, Nehru Centre, Worii, Mumbai,
Tel: 24964676/77/80,24963426 Timings : II am to 7 pm.
Established in November 1992, it aims to encourage and promote young artists and provide them with a forum for exhibitions, lectures and workshops. The exhibitions are ‘mainly works of fine art, including paintings, sculptures, etchings, photographs, etc. Once a year, when the gallery holds the Indian Master exhibition, it collects the work of one Indian master from museums and collectors and .displays it to art aficionados. Besides the regular exhibitions, the gallery organises several art- related activities, like Chatak (a monsoon show for art students and young professional artists), contests for handicapped children and students of municipal schools, study camps, screenings of films on art, etc.

Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Juhu, Mumbai. Tel : 26149546,
26175775 Timings: 12 noon to 8 pm
The Prithvi Gallery is a part of the Prithvi Theatre Complex. The gallery was inaugurated on November 4, 1994 with a solo exhibition of Laxman Shreshtha titled “Recent Works,” as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the original Prithvi Theatres. It aims at creating an interest and greater understanding of the fine arts by means of seminars, slide shows, film shows and panel discussions on the fine arts. The idea is to develop interaction between the lay person and the artist.

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