Cough Problem- Cold Treatment-Cure n Solution

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Dioscrodies and Sommanacicus, two popular doctors in ancient times, as a result of exhaustive experiments with garlic, recommended it as a cough remedy.  In the 18th century Dr. Fuller made a special syrup of garlic juice and administered it to patients suffering from incessant cough. Honey mixed with ground liquorice is an old house-hold remedy for coughs.

Use a few thuisi leaves or ajwain (voma) leaves with boiling water while preparing tea. This is a remedial measure for cough.

A mixture of lemon juice, honey and glycerine is an effective remedy for cough.

Turmeric powder boiled in milk and taken internally relieves coughs and colds. Palm toddy is a remedy in suitable doses for whooping cough in children and for chronic bronchitis in adults.  It should be fresh from the tree, rather sweet and not sour nor fermented and should be administered  immediately after it is extracted in the morning only as the first dose.  It should be extracted from a single palm.  When administered for 20-30 days it marvellously reduces the spasm and the terrible suffering of afferted children and adults.

It should not be given as an intoxicating  dose  but  should  be used as a medicine.  This is used as a family medicine in Tamil Nadu. In dry cough, it acts very well.  It is also a remedy for gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, scabies, and allergic dermatitis and early stages of tuberculosis.

Warm lemon-juice and honey is good for a cough, sore throat, heartburn and for a sound sleep if you sip it hot when you go to bed.

The use of ginger twice or thrice a day is a sure and instant remedy for cough.

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