Improve Sexual Vigor-Energy-Strength

September 4, 2006 · Posted in Medicine 

Improve Sexual Vigor – Energy

If you eat country fig (Athi; Rurnda) fruits mixed with milk foam and sugar daily for 15 days, sexual vigour in males will be considerably increased.

Take 5 gms. each of the bark of Athi tree (country fig; Rumdan), tender leaf buds of Banyan tree and sugar candy, grind them together, dissolve in milk and drink daily for 40 continuous days. Even very weak semen of males will get thickened to normal consistency.

Take 1 kg. of tamarind seeds and soak in water  for 4 daysRemove outer husk (skin) and grind or pound them when still soft,  and then dry in sun;  and then powder it again and sift or sieve and add equal quantity of sugar and preserveTake 4-5 gms. out of this mixture, mix it with ghee and a little honey and eat it early in the morning daily for 40 consecutive days; your semen will be considerably thickened. Males afflicted with premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse should take this treatment as this treatment, though simple, is very effective and rewarding. Sexual vigour in males can be considerably increased by daily eating a mixture of powdered Tulasi seeds and jaggery, and drinking milk foam over it for 40 consecutive days. Two teaspoons each of  roasted and  ground methi and coriander seeds mixed with milk and butter and taken every night for a month cures impotency.

A paste of tamarind seeds applied in the vagina is said  to  improve  the relaxed walls and heightens the pleasure during orgasm in women if applied an  hour before  conjugal union.

Tamarind seed powder mixed with pure sindoor (kum kum) and honey if applied on the penis half an hour before conjugal union increases retention. A paste of boiled tamarind seeds applied in the relaxed vagina contracts the passage  during sexual intercourse.

Mix equal quantities of powdered tamarind seeds, old jaggery, honey and powdered ajwain seeds and take it an hour before conjugal union for retention. Soak black-gram  and tamarind seeds  (roasted  and peeled) in milk over-night, powder them. and use the flour for preparing chappathis. It is said to improve the joy of conjugal union.

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