Obeisity Reasons-Problem Cure

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Fat persons should avoid beef and sweet wines. People who are obese should eat lean meat, fish, fruit and plenty of green vegetables. A pint of hot water drunk 15 minutes before food helps stout folk to reduce.

Women over 40 should take an annual pelvic examination by qualified lady doctors.

Obeisity is the most common cause of ill-health. Any one [“who is 10% above the standard weight is considered over-weight. A person can live 20 to 30 years longer, if he or she is or was not obese.

Stout persons tend to develop flat feet and tend to have more accidents. They have a tendency to have “diabetes,” “Gall stones” and heart disease. Lack of exercise, over-eating and(toa certain extent) heredity are generally the causes of obeisity. A vigorous walk of about 3 miles daily can reduce one”s weight by 10 kgs.a year.

To cut down on your un-wanted calories and over-weight, “drink as the first thing in the morning a glass of luke-warm water in which a teaspoon of honey and some lime-juice have been diluted. This will also benefit the complexion.

Some prune-puree left over-night, mixed with lemon-juice and had first thing on the waking in the morning followed by a glass of very warm water, some 30 to 40 minutes later will help reduce over-weight and improve general health and complexion.

Fat people should eat moderately such foods as carbohydrates—bread, rice, cereals, sugar, sweets, puddings, fat, butter, ghee, etc. They should eat plenty of raw-fruits and

vegetables, proteins (lean meat, egg and the not-too-rich kind of cheese, fish.)

Despite grandma’s staunch preference for pure ghee, it is considered good, only for people doing very hard manual labour.

If you can’t cut it out altogether, restrict pure ghee to just asprinkling over the dal or a smear on the chapathis-that way you won’t pine for the famous ghee aroma.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils are far healthier than pure ghee especially for older people, because they contain just one-third the amount of harmful insoluble fats the pure ghee has Pure un-processed oils like peanut or mustard oil are better than even vegetable oils, healthwise. They contain very little insoluble fat, so it’s really worth giving them a try.

Most Indian diets-contain ample fats and carbohydrates resulting in bulging hips and well-fed waists, but contain woefully inadequate amounts of protein and vitamins. That is why you should supplement your diet with more eggs, meat and fish, sufficient milk and butter-milk and beans, peas and pulses in plenty.

To counteract excessive body heat, boil about five glasses of water with a tablespoon of fennel (saunf). Drink this liquid 2 or 3 times a day.

During the monsoons, you should regularly use raw onion blended with vinegar and spiced according to taste, because this helps keep your body in a fit condition and protects it against epidemics of all kinds.

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