White Vaginal Discharge After

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White Discharge

For white discharge: Take 50 gms. of the gooseberry seed (Nelli; Amia), grind it in water and a little honey and sugar and eat it daily for 7 days.

For white discharge: Take 20 gms. of Dharbe roots (available in ayurvedic shops), crush them m rice water (water obtained after washing rice before cooking) and drink this for 3 consecutive days.

White discharge can be cured by drinking juice obtained by crushing or pounding the bark of “ambatte” tree (Spondias mangifera)Or, prepare powder by pounding the dry bark of Banyan tree, sieve it through cloth and eat it mixed with cow’s milk daily for a few days every month between the periods.

For treatment of white discharge: Crush the roots of Kaedige (Pandamus odoratissimus; Kegdichen paal; Bongichen paal) in water, add a little sugar and eat it for 7-8 days.

For treatment of leucorrhea (white discharge)’Take 15 gms. by weight of roots (outer cover only) of Sarasaparela, 15 gms. ofcus-cus, 50 gms. of dry grapes (currants, raisins, kismis) (soaked in water overnight), mix all these and crush them together, add i litre of cow’s ghee and heat it in a mud vessel or stainless steel vessel to form a thick mass and eat a small quantity (about one tablet size) of this mixture 3 times a day followed by a liter of milk for 10-15 daysAvoid eating paultry meat and eggs during the period of this treatment.

For treatment of white and sedimentary discharge due to heat in the body (ushnam) : Take a handful of the green leaves of Stribules asper tree (Pariyecho ruk), 150 ml. of water, and a pinch of powdered .cumminseed (jeera), crush all together, extract juice, strain it and drink it daily for a few days.

For the cure of white discharge take 1 gm. of the churna (powder) of Jyestamadhu (available in Ayurvedic shops), mix 2 gms. of sugar candy and eat it morning and evening followed by a little boiled and cooled water.

Regularly eating the powdered pith extracted out of the mid portion of the Bayani palm (Caryota urens; Eind; Shallaki) by preparing a payasam out of it with milk and sugar will cure white discharge in women if taken for a few days.

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