Indian Call Girls are Bollywood Actress and Indian Models

July 30, 2007 · Posted in Scandals 

On 30 July, 2007 the Nagpur poilce busted a racket where in 3 “models cum Bollywood Actresses” were charged against prostitution. One of the actresses was said to have done multiple films and television shows including regional movies in Bhojpuri. This has been termed as a Sophisticated crime with the help of latest technologies and gadgets, the case is also filed under Cyber Crime as these girls were being traded through multiple online websites where entire portfolios including pictures of the models were available for the potential customers.

As per media talks, the girls are said to have taken names of many movie producers who are said to be allied with the case or is it just a way to drag everyone in? There are millions of girls working in the Bollywood industry and aspire to become one of the top actress with the “perfect break” by any producer. We cannot ignore the fact the these girls might be exploited or are ready to get exploited for the Fame and Money. The imprisoned girls have said to quote a price for Rs. 4 Lakh rupees for a single illicit act, that’s somewhat close to what an fresher MBA earns for the entire year!

“Casting Couch” has been a social phenomenon which might not have any traces but is present in the beliefs of the Bollywood followers. “Casting Couch” is the phenomenon where an aspiring person or a junior is being poked for sexual favor against a project or desired post or occupation, this is one aspect of the society.

Incidents like these raise many eyebrows on the virtue of the Bollywood industry as a whole. Bollywood has given us much more, what is happening now is not Bollywood!

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