ALIBAG Places to Visit – Mumbai

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ALIBAG – Places to Visit – Mumbai
ALIBAG – Places to Visit – Mumbai

Alibag is located at 140-km from Pune in Raigad District. It is an idyllic town on the western coast of India known as the Konkan region. Situated very close to tip across the narrow strip of the Arabian Sea, this is a wonderful place for a day’s relaxation. Besides its natural beauty, Alibag also has historical monuments, forts, temples and beautiful beaches.


Alibag has a lovely unspoilt beach. Tourists can enjoy various hues in
the sky at th time of sunrise and sunset from the beach. Long and clean sandy beaches, small boats rocking the sea and lush greenery add to its beauty. There is a historic fort that is now in ruins just off the beach the Hirakot Fort. One of the interesting places is the Kulaba Fort, which lies 1.5-km in the sea from Alibag. During of high tide, the whole Fort is encircled with water; while at the time of fall, one can even walk to the fort. It is safe to into the fort before or after one hour of fall.

The Old Geomagnetic Observatory, which is 150 years old, is also of great historical importance. The Kulaba Fort and Hirakot Fort give the evidence of Maratha’s bravery. There is Angrewada, the tomb of brave and adamant Kanhoji Angre and also old temples of Hindu gods that show the historical importance. Various places worth seeing in Alibag are the beaches, the Observatory, Kanhoji Angre Samadhi, the market place, Uma- Maheshwar temple, Balaji temple, among others.


Tourists can enjoy their trip to Alibag throughout the year. For those who relish boating, the best time to visit is from October to May, as the launch is not recommended during the monsoons (June-September).


Rail: Nearest railway station from Alibag is Pen at 28-km on Konkan railway line. Panvel is another convenient railway station at 60-km on Konkan railway line. Road: Alibag is best connected to Mumbai, Borivali, Pune, Thane and Kalyan etc by road. Ferry & Catamarans:
Tourists can also visit Alibag easily by Ferry and Catamarans through sea. Launches and Catamarans are available from Gateway of India to Mandwa, Revas through sea and from there one can avail the bus facility. Launches are not recommended during the monsoons.


Hotels that suit one’s budget and pocket are available. Also private bungalows are available for picnickers going overnight.

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